Flesh and Blood: Skirmish Season 8 Entry


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Put a rocket in your sprocket, and join us for Skirmish Season 8 – Blitz! Skirmish is set to be a truly worldwide celebration of Flesh and Blood. Come on by and partake in the finest Blitz gameplay in Northwestern Wisconsin!  Pack per win, 1 pack minimum – packs must be selected from packs priced $5 and under.

Additional prize support will be provided by the Skirmish Season 8 prize kit.

Event Details

Date: December 03, 2023

Start time: 14:00 CDT

End time: 20:00 CDT

Venue: Undercity Games, 930 Galloway St Suite 217, Eau Claire WI 54703

Phone: (701) 203-3352

Email: info@undercity.games