The Army Painter: Speedpaint Starter Set 2.0


Starter Set 2.0 for Speedpaint Begin with Speedpaint, the one-coat, all-in-one painting solution. All of the essential colors, as well as one, are included in the Speedpaint Starter Set 2.0. of our industry-first Speedpaint Metallics, allowing you to start painting magnificent tabletop-quality miniatures in no time. Simply paint one rich coat of Speedpaint immediately over a prepared miniature and you’re finished! – 10x18ml Speedpaint – 9 Speedpaint Colours – 1 Speedpaint Metallics – Extra BRUSH – Painting Guide


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  • YOUR GATEWAY TO SPEED PAINTING: This miniature paint set features 10 smart selections of colors to get you started in the world of speed painting
  • ALL-IN-ONE MODEL PAINT SET SOLUTION: Base, shadow and highlight your miniature and model in one coat
  • GET YOUR MODELS PAINTED IN RECORD TIME: Simply apply one coat over your primed mini and you’re done!
  • EXTRA BRUSH INCLUDED: Army Painter brushes are excellent for rigorous detail work & freehand painting
  • NO MORE UNPAINTED MINIATURES: Ideal for painting Warhammer 40k, bolt action & dnd paint set miniatures

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The Army Painter


Speedpaint 2.0

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